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Principle of operation: 

This machine is a breaking equipment used for breaking materials by a crushing. The device takes the rotor to do high-speed rotatory movement under the lead of the motor; when the materials entered the functional section of plate hammer,they experiment plate hammer's high-speed crushing and are throwed constantly to the reaction device installed on the rotor , then spring back to the functional section of plate hammer from the back board, and then are crushed again;the materials from big to small in the shredding breach to be broken repeatedly. Until the materials are broken to the demanded grain size,discharged from the bottom of the machine.
Performance features:      
It is the latest reaction breaker, This machine combines breaking and shaping together; it has the features of being high efficiency, low-consumption, good discharge grain shape,.Compared with other reaction breaker, it can reduce the energy consumption by 40%, the quatity of the aggregate needle flake can be reduced by more than 80%.
Widely applied to all kinds of materials crushing, processing and shaping, such as basalt, granite, cobble stone, limestone, etc.
Model Max. Feed Size (mm) Discharge Size (mm) Capacity (T/H) Motor power (KW)
PF-1010 100 <40 50-90 75
PF-1210 120 <40 60-130 110
PF-1214 140 <40 70-180 132
PF-1315 160 <40 90-250 200
PF-1320 180 <40 120-350 315
1.The marked technical parameters of the machine are by the standard of breaking middle-hard stone pile ratio 1.6t/m3.
2. The feeding quality,feeding shape and grain szie etc.will affect the machine’s processing ability.

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