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 Advantages and Features

1-firm structure 
2-stable performance 
3-flexible capacity 
4-reliable working condition


Working Principle


When the impact crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the impact crusher with high speed, on the 

rotor where installed the hammers. When the materials get into the area which the hammers effect, under the 

impact function of the hammer at a high speed, the materials are thrown to the impact device above the rotor

 continuously. And then the materials are rebounded from the impact liner to the area where the hammers 

effects for being recrushed. The materials from large to small all to be crushed at the impact chamber 

repeatedly. The process wont stop till the material are crushed to the required size and then discharged 

from outlet of the impact crusher. 




1.Super-fineness crushing capability: The new particles size adjusting mechanis guarantees 85% of the particles controlled within 5mm.

2.High-efficient and energy saving: 40% power consumption reduced at equivalent output.

3.Extra long life: hammer heads are made of new type of high quality alloy materials
with multiple elements and can be turned for use thus to prolong the service life by 4times.

4.Great crushing ration: incorporating primary, secondary crushing for clinkers, secondary and tertiary crushing for limestone into one step.

5.Easy Maintenance: The rear cover of the upper machine frame can be hydraulically (hand)-opened to make the maintenance much easier.



Technical Parameters:



Feed opening size


Max.Feeding size


Output size


Motor power




Seting adjustment range


PX- 0808 800*300 160 <5 55 30-40 5--20
PX-1010 1000*350 180 <5 90 40-60 5--20
PX-1012 1200*350 180 <5 110 70-100 5--20
PX-1212 1200*450 180 <5 132 80-120 5--20
PX-1214 1500*450 190 <5 160 100-140 5--20
PX-1414 1500*500 190 <5 200 120-180 5--20
PX-1616 1600*550 200 <5 250 170-210 5--20
PX-1818 1800*700 200 <5 315 250-270 5--20



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