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Principle of operation:     
This machine's eccentric axle is divided into two parts,their eccentric distance is the same, the eccentric direction is opposite, in each part hangs a dynamic jaw head, the motor propels the eccentric axle through triangle belt by groove wheel, when the eccentric axle rotates, it makes the dynamic jaw do circle movement constantly according to the eccentric trail, on oneside the dynamic jaw move to the fixed board to break the materials, while the dynamic jaw departing from the fixed jaw board discharge materials on the other side, alternative operates to completes the whole process and break the materials entering the breaking area.
Performance features
1. The structure is simple and compact, the operation is stable and reliable.
2. Power of the matching parts is small, high-efficiency and save energy.
3. The lengthened jaw board, and prevent the materials striking the jaw head.
4. The jaw head adopts natural water circulation cooling system, to prolong the operating life of the bearing part.
5. The driving parts adopt advanced multilayer labyrinth craft, preventing the dust entering the bearing parts.
1. Widely applied to all sorts of materials' break with compressive strength not exceeding 250Mpa.
2. Especially applied to the fine crushing of cement clinker and high-temperature materials. 
Model Max. Feed Size (mm) Out Size (mm) Capacity (T/H) Motor power (KW)
PEX-250*1000 ≤210 25-60 10-40 30
PEX-250*1200 210 25-60 15-50 37
PEX-300*1300 250 25-90 20-70 75
PEX-500*1500 350 30-150 50-150 90

 Remarks: The above datas is just for your reference. With the development of technology and our products,there will be some improvement to adjust the market.

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