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Principle of operation:

YK series round vibrating screen has 4 blankets of eccentric combination, the universal joint coupling  makes it synchronous operation to reach the best vibrating result. The tyre shaft coupling passes the motor's rotation to the axion's axle, under the function of the eccentric block, the axion axle does unequal centrifugal force rotation, the major machine realizes the full vibration under the support of spring to size the material.       
Performance features:
1. The mortor adopts tyre shaft coupling, preventing the motor being damaged for twisting when it starts.
2. Adopt rubber spring, the whole machine's operation is stable and reliable, the operating life is long.
3. Adopt combined exciter and cardon movement, to assure the operation simultaneous, and exclude the phenomenon of bearing effecting the operating life as its coaxial degree is not very good.  
4. Adopt aircooling craft,reducing the bearing temperature, prolonging the bearing's operating life.
5. Adopt high-strength bolts combinate craft, making the sieve body's operating life more durable under the full vibration.
Widely applied to the sievinging of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, roads and bridges, mine etc materials.   

Number of Layers 

of Screen

Dip of Groove Surface (°) Capacity(t/h) Motor power (KW)
YK- 1548 1 20 50-200 11
2YK- 1548 2 20 50-200 11
3YK-1548 3 20 50-200 15
4YK-1548 4 20 50-200 18.5
YK-1860 1 20 80-280 18.5
2YK-1860 2 20 80-280 18.5
3YK-1860 3 20 80-280 22
4YK-1860 4 20 80-280 22
2YK-2160 2 20 100-450 22
3YK-2160 3 20 100-450 30
4YK-2160 4 20 100-450 30
The datas listed above are by the standards of the following: the loose density=1.6t/m3.
The broken stone’s relative humidity≤5%.
The variable data won’t be forecasted by themselves.

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