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In ten years' development, Shandong Chengming Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has formed unique enterprise culture.This culture's establishment becomes the concentration of cohesion and centripetal force, the motive source of the enterprise's development.

Chengming Declaration is composed of the following nine parts: Chengming Spirit, Enterprise Objective, Chengming Faith, Brand Principle, Research Principle, Cultural Principle, Staff Principle, Marketing Principle, Service Principle.

Chengming Spirit: Honest, Pragmatic, Innovation, Development

Enterprise Objective: Strive for perfection. Accomplish Chengming brand.

Chengming Faith: Make arduous efforts. Believe in the nice future.

Brand Principle: Create the professional model. Create famous brand products.

Research Principle: Standardization, Serialization, Low Cost.

Cultural Principle: People First. Reciprocate the society.

Staff Principle: Good character decides good quality. Good quality decides the advantage. 

Marketing Principle: Take the market as the center. Regard the customers as the core.

Service Principle: Offer the best service to the customers without any excuse.

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